Jumat, 06 April 2012

Online Marketing Degree

Online Marketing Degree generally refers to the degrees that are offered in the internet through advertisements and well-presented by different courses that are being offered by the colleges and universities throughout the globe. It most likely want to prepare individuals in undertaking and managing the process of developing consumer audiences and moving products from producers to consumers by the use of the internet. 

Rabu, 22 Februari 2012

The Effect of AC

Ac is a tool that serves as a coolant ruangan.Ac widely used in tropical areas like Indonesia. Ac users in Indonesia reachesmillions of users. Ac has become a familiar item for peopleindonesia.AC commonly used in malls, airports, banks, hotelsand even schools are now also using Ac as a solution bustingbusting stifling hot.
Recently Ac increasingly widespread use by masysrakatIndonesia, especially in metropolitan cities, in addition to the positive impact of air conditioning or hot relievers. Ac also have anegative impact first with a high voltage AC power lead to highertaxes to be paid by the users themselves Ac.

In addition to impact on the economy in the form of higher taxes,Ac also have an impact on human survival. Ac using Freon (CFC)as a source of Freon cooling itself while lead erode the ozonelayer in Earth's atmosphere.

By erode the ozone is not impossible that we indirectly also helped accelerate the occurrence of an early end. due to erodethe ozone layer will melt the polar ice so that the islands couldsink even though the continent since the melting of polar ice. for example 1/3 area of ​​DKI Jakarta will sink because of the impact of the melting of polar ice.
so I suggest to you in order to reduce the use of ac per day orswitch using a fan to be inhabited by our children and grandchildren.